Will I Need A Green Card When Driving Abroad After Brexit?


A lot is going to change after Brexit and this includes the insurance you need when driving abroad. One of the changes that you need to know about is the need for green card insurance. It is important to know if you need this and what it offers.

Will You Need Green Card Insurance?

If there is a no-deal Brexit, all UK motorists will need a green card when driving in any EU state. The green card is a physical copy of your insurance and the Association of British Insurers recommends getting this. The green card act as a guarantee that you have the correct third-party insurance required by the country you are travelling in. For limited companies with a fleet of cars, you may want to look into company fleet insurance.

It is important to note that European insurance authorities have stated that motorists do not need a green card if there is a no-deal Brexit. However, this is something that all motorists should get because the waiver has not been confirmed by the European Commission. As such, not having a green card after Brexit could result in penalties.

How To Get The Green Card?

The name of this document can be confusing as it is not actually a card. This is an international certificate of insurance that is provided by your UK insurance company. While this document is not a card, it will be printed on green paper.

To obtain your green card, you will need to contact your insurance provider. Only your insurance company will be able to provide the certificate. It is recommended that you contact your provider for a green card at least 1 month before you travel.

Most insurance companies will charge a fee for these cards. This is an administrative fee and will vary depending on the provider. Getting the card should not affect your policy in any way unless you need to change the policy to obtain the correct level of insurance.

Once you have requested the green card from your provider, this will be posted to you. It is important to note that digital copies of the green card will not be accepted.

After Brexit, there are certain things that will need to be done when travelling to any EU state. Getting a green card showing that you have third-party insurance is one of them. Application for this should be done at least 1 month before any travelling and will need to cover your vehicle and any trailers.