Top 5 adventure sports destinations in the world


There are some kinds of people that live for the thrill. But these thrills are labeled as idiocy as there are lives at stake most of the time. A few words of discouragement aren’t going to change the minds of most as the rush of adrenaline is what they crave.

Here is a list of adventure sports destinations for hardcore adventure sports enthusiasts.

1.     South Africa

There are plenty of adventure activities that Africa has to offer. This has mostly to do with the diverse geographic features which give the region a huge variety of adventure sports that it can accommodate.

The most popular safari, Eastern Transvaal, has pampas that stretch for nearly 400 miles until it reaches the South African border.

For trekking enthusiast, there are the Drakensberg Mountains which is situated in Natalthat. The place is also suitable for climbers as well as birdwatchers.

2.     Gauley River

What makes this West Virginian river so suitable for kayaking is the fact that 2800 cubic feet of water is released by the American

Army as well as the American Whitewater Affiliation. This lasts for six weeks as paddlers gather to test their skills.


This river requires continuous kayaking. Hence, it is advisable to get into shape before you even plan on going for this. You’ll also need to swim.

3.     Yosemite National Park

Rock climbing is one adventure sport that requires tremendous amounts of skill. You need to be at the top of your game, both physically and mentally to even stand a chance. That is precisely where you’ll need to be if you plan to climb the “El Captain” situated in the Yosemite National Park, United States.

You’ll feel a special kind of stress that will be worked on your body as the Yosemite requires a body which cannot be acquired by climbing any other rock or going to the gym.

4.     Wollongong

There’s nothing more that make you feel alive than jumping off of an aircraft several thousand feet off the ground. How about jumping 14,000 feet off the ground level?

Wollongong in Sydney offers a skydiving experience like no other as you’ll see the Australian coastline as well as a fantastic view of Sydney from a god’s point of view.

Those that suffer from a heart condition aren’t allowed to skydive in general, and when it comes to the Wollongong, you’ll additionally have to be less than 110kgs.

5.     Fiji Islands

There’s so much that is waiting to be explored underwater that the world needs to see. That is exactly what Fiji Islands offer with their scuba diving sport.

The diverse life forms that you’ll see underwater can be overwhelming, but there are weather problems that you need to lookout for if you plan on visiting the Fiji Islands.