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International Motorhome Hire

Motorhome hire is becoming increasingly popular with travellers looking for a comfortable and convenient way to explore different parts of the world.

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International Motorhome Hire

Motorhome hire is becoming increasingly popular with travellers looking for a comfortable and convenient way to explore different parts of the world.

This article will provide an overview of international motorhome hire, outlining the different types available, and some benefits associated with this form of holiday travel.

Motorhomes are a type of recreational vehicle that combines all the comforts of home with the convenience and flexibility of a car.

They provide a great way to explore untapped destinations, enjoy stunning scenery or simply take a break from everyday life.

Many companies are offering motorhome hire services around the world, each offering different types of vehicles and packages to suit varying budgets and needs.

In addition, rental companies may also provide additional services such as route planning, training, or insurance options.

Types Of Motorhomes

Motorhomes, also known as recreational vehicles (RVs), provide travellers with the freedom to explore new locations with the luxury and comfort of their own home.

Motorhomes come in a variety of sizes, styles, and amenities, making them suitable for both short-term and long-term trips.

Class A motorhomes are large coaches that have features such as integrated appliances and full bathrooms.

Class B motorhomes offer a more compact design with enhanced fuel efficiency while still providing all the necessary amenities.

Class C motorhomes have an over-cab area which provides extra sleeping space while still being easy to manoeuvre on the road.

Finally, pop-up campers are lightweight and affordable but lack many of the features found in larger motorhomes.

All types of motorhome rentals offer a unique way to explore new areas while having access to all the comforts of home.

Benefits Of Motorhome Hire

Motorhome hire has many advantages. Imagine the freedom of being able to explore different destinations with the comfort and convenience of a home away from home.

With motorhome hire, travellers can enjoy the flexibility to choose their own itinerary and route, without having to worry about pre-booked accommodation or expensive hotels.

Not only is motorhome hire cost-effective, but it also allows travellers to experience whatever destination they decide with more independence and privacy than other forms of lodging.

Motorhomes are equipped with beds, bathrooms, kitchens and living areas, making them ideal for short or long trips alike.

Motorhome hire provides a unique way to explore unknown places and make unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime.

Companies Offering Motorhome Hire

Motorhome hire is becoming increasingly popular worldwide, with a range of companies offering the service.

Many of these companies operate on an international level, providing customers with multiple locations and destinations to pick from. For example, in the US, there is USA RV rental, in New Zealand there is Hire a motorhome in NZ and for Australian travellers there’s Australian motorhome hire.

In addition, there are a variety of motorhome types available that cater to diverse needs and budgets. This ensures that travellers have access to the right vehicle for their journey.

Furthermore, most companies offer additional services such as roadside assistance and insurance cover to provide customers with peace of mind while they are away from home.


The prospects of international motorhome hire can be a great way to explore the world. With so many types of motorhomes available, it is easy to find one which suits a variety of needs and preferences. Of course you could always buy your own used motorhomes for sale and go travelling for months on end!

Motorhome hire also offers various benefits, such as convenience and comfort, plus the cost-effectiveness associated with staying in one place for a longer period of time. Many companies are offering motorhome hire services worldwide, making it easier than ever to explore the globe while on holiday.

International motorhome hire is a great way to make sure that you get the most out of your holiday experience. It provides an affordable option for those looking to travel abroad with all the comforts of home. Furthermore, it offers flexibility in terms of where you stay and what type of motorhome you choose.

As the saying goes, ‘Life is an adventure – why not live it?’ Motorhome hire allows travellers to do just that by providing them with a unique way to explore new places and cultures.

Overall, international motorhome hire appears to be a worthwhile investment for those wanting to experience the world from a different perspective. Not only does it offer convenience and comfort at an affordable price, but it also gives travellers the freedom they need to really explore their chosen destination without any restrictions. With so many options available when it comes to selecting a company offering motorhome hire services, there is something for everyone regardless of budget or travel preference.

Motorhome and Campervan Hire in Australia

Whether you’re planning a weekend break or a long, epic journey, a motorhome and campervan hire can give you the freedom to travel the country. But before you take off, there are some important things to consider. The key is to avoid road traffic, and respect kangaroos and other wildlife. Also, look for parking restrictions.

See kangaroos, wallabies, snakes and other wildlife

Motorhome and campervan hire in Australia requires careful thought. The country is home to a wide range of interesting animals and many species are not friendly or harmless. These animals can be dangerous to humans.

Australia’s native animals should not be touched or fed. This is because they carry bacteria and can carry diseases. Unless you are a trained guide, you could accidentally hurt an animal you do not know. If you are not comfortable with this, hire a guide to keep you safe.

Goannas are monitor lizards. These animals are not usually prone to attacking humans. However, they can be quite aggressive when they feel threatened. If you see one of these animals, it is best to move away quickly. A goanna’s bite will cause slow healing wounds.

Koalas are another Australian animal that is commonly found in the wild. These animals are nocturnal. They are also quite crafty and can steal food from your campervan.

About road trains

Whether you are a domestic or international tourist, travelling to Australia in a campervan or motorhome is a popular choice. However, there are a few things you should know before making the trip.

Road trains are large vehicles that travel at about 100 kilometres per hour. They can be as long as 53.5 metres and have one to four trailers. They generate a lot of dust. If you are a tourist travelling to Australia, you should be aware of the dangers that road trains can pose.

Road trains can also overtake other vehicles. You need to give a 100 metre warning before you overtake a road train. This will allow the driver to slow down safely. The headlights should be on. You also need to maintain a constant speed.

If you do have to overtake a road train, you should also be aware of the weight to stop time ratio. This is different from the ratio for cars.

Check for parking restrictions

Depending on the state you’re travelling to, there may be specific rules regarding parking a motorhome and campervan. It is important to read the fine print of your rental agreement and know your local laws. If you park in the wrong place, you may be charged a fine or have your vehicle removed.

Camping is legal in Australia but you must be careful where you park. There are many areas that don’t allow RVs to stay overnight. Check with the local government for more information.

Camping in Australia is popular, especially when the weather is warm. There are many national parks in Australia, some of which offer free camping. These sites provide access to nature and many visitors flock to them to go swimming, fishing and surfing. There are also some campgrounds that charge a fee.

There are also privately owned vacation parks that welcome campervans. These sites are usually more expensive than public parks, but they often come equipped with modern technology. These campsites are a great way to experience the outdoors while you are on holiday.

Cruisin’ Motorhomes

Whether you’re travelling with a family or a group of friends, Cruisin’ Motorhomes has a fleet of campervans and motorhomes to suit your needs. The company is family owned and operated, and operates depots in Brisbane, Sydney, Gold Coast, and Tasmania.

Cruisin’ Motorhomes has dozens of different vehicles in its fleet. Each of their motorhomes are fully equipped with the basic amenities, such as linen, cutlery, and bedding. In addition, Cruisin’ offers several extras that are included in the rental price.

The company’s fleet is modern and well maintained. Most vehicles are less than four years old. These are perfect for those on a budget.

The company offers a variety of vehicles, from budget rentals to luxury models. Each one is fully equipped with the essentials and includes a comprehensive insurance package. The company also offers a 10% discount on the daily rental rate.

Cruisin’ Motorhomes recommends booking campervans three to six months in advance. The company also offers 24-hour roadside assistance.

How To Avoid STDs While Travelling

Travelling is an incredible way to experience the world and discover yourself, but it also comes with risks. One of those risks is the possibility of contracting a sexually transmitted disease (STD). But don’t let that discourage you from embarking on your journey! With a few simple steps, you can protect yourself and still enjoy your travels without worry. In this article, we’ll explore how to avoid STDs while travelling and keep yourself safe.

No matter where your travels take you, following these guidelines will help ensure that you stay healthy and have a memorable experience.

We’re here to help make sure your trip is as fun and risk-free as possible. So let’s get started exploring the ways we can avoid STDs while travelling!


Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are infections caused by viruses, bacteria, or parasites that are passed from person to person through sexual contact. They can be spread through vaginal, anal, and oral sex, as well as through close bodily contact with an infected person. People who engage in unprotected sex or who have multiple sexual partners are at a higher risk of contracting STDs.

Though some STDs can be cured with antibiotics, many infections have no cure and can cause long-term health problems if left untreated. Common symptoms of STDs include genital sores or warts, itching or burning in the genitals, unusual discharge from the vagina or penis, pain during urination and/or intercourse, and swollen glands in the groin area. Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea, Syphilis for example are all treated with Doxycycline.

It is important to remember that even though having protected sex greatly reduces your risk of contracting an STD while travelling, it is not a guarantee that you will remain safe. Therefore, it is key to take extra measures to protect yourself against infection, such as getting tested regularly for STDs before travelling and avoiding high-risk activities like unprotected sex or sharing needles.

Pre-Travel Research

Now that we have a more in-depth understanding of STDs, let’s focus on how to avoid them while travelling. Before you embark on any journey, it is worth your time to do your research ahead of time. First and foremost, familiarize yourself with the sexual health regulations of the countries you plan to visit. Many countries have laws regarding safe sex and may even require medical examinations or vaccinations prior to entry. Knowing these rules can help you protect yourself from unwanted health risks while abroad.

Next, seek reliable sources of information about the sexual health landscape in the areas you plan to visit. In addition to public health resources available online, many travel websites offer advice on avoiding STDs while travelling. This type of research can help you identify potential risks that may arise during your trip and equip you with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions about your safety.

Finally, be mindful of cultural norms surrounding sexuality in each destination country and evaluate what precautions are necessary for any activities you may engage in during your travels.

From using condoms correctly and consistently to getting tested regularly before and after any intimate encounters, it is important to take responsibility for your own sexual health by following all necessary safety protocols that apply in each country or region you visit.

Taking these simple steps will help ensure a healthy and fun adventure for years to come!

Practising Safe Sex While Travelling

Travelling can be an incredibly exciting and liberating experience, but it is worth keeping safety at the top of your mind. When it comes to sexual activity while travelling, protecting yourself against sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) should be a priority. A few simple steps can help you practice safe sex while travelling, and keep yourself healthy while you explore the world.

First and foremost, always use protection. Condoms are the best way to protect yourself against STDs and should always be used during any type of sexual activity. Make sure you have access to quality condoms that are appropriate for your body type; many pharmacies and convenience stores will carry what you need. If you’re in a country with limited access to condoms, bring them from home or find a trusted source where they can be purchased.

Secondly, communicate openly with your partner(s). Before engaging in any kind of sexual activity, make sure to discuss boundaries and expectations with each person involved. It’s important to know if either of you has had any recent sexual partners or been exposed to any STDs; this information will help ensure everyone’s safety during sex. Be honest about your history as well — if either of you has had an STD before, talk openly about how it was treated, so both parties know the situation before having sex.

Finally, please keep in mind that there are other ways to enjoy intimacy without having penetrative sex. Kissing, touching, massaging, mutual masturbation and oral sex are all great alternatives that still allow for pleasure without putting anyone at risk for STDs or unwanted pregnancy. So take some time to explore non-penetrative activities – they can be just as enjoyable!

No matter what kind of intimacy you choose while travelling, make sure safety is at the forefront of your decisions — it’s the best way to protect yourself from getting an STD and ensure a fun and liberated travel experience!

Vaccinations And Medication

Vaccinations and medications can help protect you from contracting sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) while travelling. It is important to get the right vaccines and regular testing, even when not travelling. Locally available vaccinations may not provide the same level of protection as ones acquired through travel clinics. Vaccines can also be helpful if you are visiting a country with a higher prevalence of certain STDs, such as HIV/AIDS or Hepatitis B.

Medications like PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) can be taken daily to prevent transmission of HIV, while PEP (post-exposure prophylaxis) can be taken after exposure to HIV to reduce the risk of infection. Condoms are still essential for protecting against STDs, but using additional prevention methods like PrEP and PEP can provide an extra layer of protection.

Practice safe sex by using condoms every time you have intercourse, regardless of your vaccination or medication status. Having regular sexual health check-ups is recommended for all travellers who are sexually active during their trips. Taking these precautions will help ensure that you stay healthy and safe during your travels.

Post-Travel Care

When travelling, take steps to protect yourself against sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). After returning home, pay attention to any changes in your health. If you believe that you may have been exposed to an STD while travelling, it is best to get tested as soon as possible.

If you had unprotected sex during your travels or think you might have contracted a disease, look out for symptoms such as genital sores, rashes, burning sensations when urinating and unusual discharge from the penis or vagina. If you experience any of these symptoms, seek medical help immediately.

Practice safe sex after returning from a trip. Use condoms every time you have sex and reduce your number of sexual partners until you can be tested for STDs. By taking precautions and getting tested regularly, you can protect yourself and those around you from any potential harm caused by STDs.

Wrapping Up

It’s vital for travellers to be aware of the risks of sexually transmitted diseases when travelling. Taking the appropriate precautions and steps can help reduce your risk of contracting an STD while on holiday.

Pre-travel research is essential to familiarizing yourself with the region’s health standards and medical facilities, as well as the local laws and customs concerning sexual activities.

Additionally, if you intend to engage in sexual activities, it’s a good idea to get vaccinated or take medication accordingly. Lastly, if you’re concerned about STDs after your trip, be sure to consult a doctor upon returning home.

I hope this information helps you travel safely and confidently. Remember: knowledge is power! By understanding the risks associated with STDs, taking appropriate precautions before, during, and after your travels, you can minimize your chances of contracting a sexually transmitted disease. Enjoy your travels responsibly!

Will I Need A Green Card When Driving Abroad After Brexit?

A lot is going to change after Brexit and this includes the insurance you need when driving abroad. One of the changes that you need to know about is the need for green card insurance. It is important to know if you need this and what it offers.

Will You Need Green Card Insurance?

If there is a no-deal Brexit, all UK motorists will need a green card when driving in any EU state. The green card is a physical copy of your insurance and the Association of British Insurers recommends getting this. The green card act as a guarantee that you have the correct third-party insurance required by the country you are travelling in. For limited companies with a fleet of cars, you may want to look into company fleet insurance.

It is important to note that European insurance authorities have stated that motorists do not need a green card if there is a no-deal Brexit. However, this is something that all motorists should get because the waiver has not been confirmed by the European Commission. As such, not having a green card after Brexit could result in penalties.

How To Get The Green Card?

The name of this document can be confusing as it is not actually a card. This is an international certificate of insurance that is provided by your UK insurance company. While this document is not a card, it will be printed on green paper.

To obtain your green card, you will need to contact your insurance provider. Only your insurance company will be able to provide the certificate. It is recommended that you contact your provider for a green card at least 1 month before you travel.

Most insurance companies will charge a fee for these cards. This is an administrative fee and will vary depending on the provider. Getting the card should not affect your policy in any way unless you need to change the policy to obtain the correct level of insurance.

Once you have requested the green card from your provider, this will be posted to you. It is important to note that digital copies of the green card will not be accepted.

After Brexit, there are certain things that will need to be done when travelling to any EU state. Getting a green card showing that you have third-party insurance is one of them. Application for this should be done at least 1 month before any travelling and will need to cover your vehicle and any trailers.

Quick Guide To Finding The Best Spanish Translation Agency`

If you are not a native Spanish speaker, communicating with locals can be very problematic. Without a translator, you are likely to get frustrated due to the language barrier. The best way to ensure that you are understood by the people you are talking with is to get a skilled Spanish translator. This article will go into the considerations you should make, in order to find the right translator.

The individual that you hire should be adept in your first language. This is the only way that they can understand what you are saying and translate it to their language well. Before hiring a translator, interview them in order to understand if they have a grasp of your native language.

You should also gauge the experience of a translator before hiring them. Though it may seem like translating languages is a straightforward task, it is very easy for mistakes to be made during translation. Unlike novices, experienced translators usually have the expertise necessary to carry out fluent translations without changing the meaning of what is being said.

Prior to making a hire, you should first consider what you want translated. There are times when you may be approaching natives for business purposes and the language that you may need to get your point across may contain a lot of jargon. If that is the case, you should find a professional who has an understanding of the lingo that you are going to use.

You are bound to spend a lot of time with a translator in a foreign land. As such, you should consider the demeanour of an individual before giving them a job. You should ensure that you are engaging a professional who has a great personality. You should be comfortable around the translator as you will be spending a lot of time in the company of each other.

The ideal translator should be well versed in both verbal and written translations. This is critical as you may need to use any of these translation methods during your trip. If you are seeking a translator to handle written words, you should ensure that the individual has passed an exam by the Chartered Institute of Linguists.

You should also look at the ratings that a translator has gotten from past clients prior to hiring them. A translator who has proven that they are worth their salt to past customers will have very high ratings and positive reviews from past customers. Low ratings usually indicate that a translator did not perform according to the expectations of past clients.

Why You Can Trust Clean Green Cars For Courier Insurance When Driving Abroad

Do you currently drive as a courier, delivering packages throughout your area? That might be part of the services that are provided by your company. If you do this, you likely have a fleet of vehicles that you are using to perform this function. This means that you will need to have courier insurance that can protect your vehicles, drivers, and your company. The cost of this insurance can be quite expensive unless you know where to look. There are some companies that do offer exceptional deals such as Clean Green Compare Courier Insurance. You will soon have an excellent policy that will cover all of the cars that you drive. Let’s look at how you can find the best deals on this type of insurance.

What Will These Policies Cover?

These policies will cover a wide variety of different things. For example, if you had fleet insurance, it will cover your entire fleet of vehicles, regardless of their type, plus provide you with road risk and breakdown assistance. If you were to obtain motor trade insurance, this would cover you for road risks and liability claims. This could be an individual or combined policy. In addition to these types of insurance, they will also sell courier insurance. This is coverage for the drivers that deliver your packages. This courier insurance will cover goods in transit, public liability issues, employer liability, and it can provide third-party fire and theft or will simply be fully comprehensive.

How To Find Companies That Can Give You Good Deals On This Insurance?

Businesses that sell this type of insurance are numerous. Most people begin with an online search or a look through their local business directory. They will then contact each individual company, getting multiple quotes from them, and eventually settle on one particular company over all of the others. The policy that you choose for your couriers should also include breakdown cover, and may also offer third-party only cover as well. After getting your estimates, there will be a clear winner in regard to the total amount of coverage and the cost of the policies that you must pay on month after month.

Why You Can Trust Clean Green Cars

This is a business that sells a wide variety of policies. For example, you may want to get courier insurance today. These policies will cover your drivers as they are driving abroad, delivering all of the packages that you have sold. From road risk and breakdown assistance to part-time and full-time policies, they will have every imaginable type of cover for individuals and businesses. By filling out one form, you will get multiple tailored quotes from these brokers that specialise in delivering the best price.

If you are not currently happy with the premiums you are paying for your courier insurance, you can quickly get a quote today. You will see that the premiums are competitive, plus they offer comprehensive insurance.

Top 5 adventure sports destinations in the world

There are some kinds of people that live for the thrill. But these thrills are labeled as idiocy as there are lives at stake most of the time. A few words of discouragement aren’t going to change the minds of most as the rush of adrenaline is what they crave. Here is a list of adventure sports destinations for hardcore adventure sports enthusiasts.

1.     South Africa

There are plenty of adventure activities that Africa has to offer. This has mostly to do with the diverse geographic features which give the region a huge variety of adventure sports that it can accommodate. The most popular safari, Eastern Transvaal, has pampas that stretch for nearly 400 miles until it reaches the South African border. For trekking enthusiast, there are the Drakensberg Mountains which is situated in Natalthat. The place is also suitable for climbers as well as birdwatchers.

2.     Gauley River

What makes this West Virginian river so suitable for kayaking is the fact that 2800 cubic feet of water is released by the American Army as well as the American Whitewater Affiliation. This lasts for six weeks as paddlers gather to test their skills. river This river requires continuous kayaking. Hence, it is advisable to get into shape before you even plan on going for this. You’ll also need to swim.

3.     Yosemite National Park

Rock climbing is one adventure sport that requires tremendous amounts of skill. You need to be at the top of your game, both physically and mentally to even stand a chance. That is precisely where you’ll need to be if you plan to climb the “El Captain” situated in the Yosemite National Park, United States. You’ll feel a special kind of stress that will be worked on your body as the Yosemite requires a body which cannot be acquired by climbing any other rock or going to the gym.

4.     Wollongong

There’s nothing more that make you feel alive than jumping off of an aircraft several thousand feet off the ground. How about jumping 14,000 feet off the ground level? Wollongong in Sydney offers a skydiving experience like no other as you’ll see the Australian coastline as well as a fantastic view of Sydney from a god’s point of view. Those that suffer from a heart condition aren’t allowed to skydive in general, and when it comes to the Wollongong, you’ll additionally have to be less than 110kgs.

5.     Fiji Islands

There’s so much that is waiting to be explored underwater that the world needs to see. That is exactly what Fiji Islands offer with their scuba diving sport. The diverse life forms that you’ll see underwater can be overwhelming, but there are weather problems that you need to lookout for if you plan on visiting the Fiji Islands.

The Salt Pans of Gozo


I’d never given much thought to salt. Our bodies need it – but not too much; we sprinkle it on icy roads and paths to stop us slipping; and its uses go way back in history.

Other than that, salt is salt. Until that is, I went to Gozo, the tiny sister island to Malta and saw the amazing salt pans.

An Ancient Harvest

I’ve since discovered that there are salt pans all over the world. This ancient method of harvesting sea salt is still used today. Only I’d never seen it until then.

Small but perfectly formed

I was staying with friends in Marsalforn Bay which is Gozo’s most popular resort, and decided to take a nice long walk along the promenade to see where it led me. Although there’s really no such thing as a long walk on Gozo as the entire island is only eight miles long and four miles wide. Despite its size there’s so much to explore. For example beautiful churches and chapels in every town and village; the Ggantija Temples (3600-3000 BC) in Xaghra which are said to be the oldest free standing structure in the world; The Ta’ Dbiegi Craft Village in Gharb which is a must for locally made souvenirs such as pottery, glass, leather and lace; the fascinating capital of Victoria – still known as Rabat by its locals. Plus there’s everything you’d expect of a sunny Mediterranean island – swimming, sunbathing, water sports, bars, restaurants, boat trips – I could go on…

Following the signs

On this particular morning however, I was enjoying my quiet walk along the palm tree dotted promenade with its spectacular views of the deep blue ocean which eventually led me to Qbajjar Bay. Curiously I followed some signs to the Salt Pans. I had no idea what to expect so the view of these salt pans when they came into sight was startling. The landscape looked surreal – a rocky plateau that stretched down to the sea made up of a chequerboard of hundreds maybe thousands of salt pans – a kaleidoscope of oblong and square hollows, hewn out from the rock to form a grid of pans in which to catch the sea water. Overlooking the salt pans were honey coloured rocks and beige-white cliffs and within them was a deep cave chiselled from the rock where I met Gozitans, Alfred and Mary Attard whose ancestors had worked these salt pans for generations. They eagerly invited me into the cave to show me the huge pile of salt crystals stored in there, which to me resembled a huge snow drift! Inviting me to taste it Alfred added, “My wife, her father and his father worked here. The pans and the cave were all cut from the rock by hand, no machinery, just hard work. Nowhere in the world will you find salt like this. This is made from the sea and this land.” Alfred explained in broken English that the incoming tide washed into the pans nearest the sea and then the water is channelled through to the connecting grids stretching further inland. Here the water is left to stand beneath the sun and hot summer breeze until the salt from the water turns into pure crystals and it can be harvested. It’s then bagged up and sent out to be sold or commercially packaged.

Going back to Roman times

I discovered the origins of the Maltese salt pans go back to Roman times and these weren’t the only ones on Gozo plus there are more on the nearby Comino Island as well as on Malta itself. So, if you are visiting Gozo this summer, take time to see salt pans and you may never look at the humble grain of salt in the same way again!

Short Breaks In The Beautiful City Of Bath


Visit this glorious Roman town

Famous for its history, Georgian architecture and spa culture, Bath is one the perfect place for a relaxing short break in the UK.

Designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, Bath offers a striking cityscape of sweeping crescents, grand parades and Georgian buildings and is home to some of the best-preserved Roman remains in Europe. Ideal for short breaks and longer stays, it’s the only place in the country with natural thermal springs so makes an ideal spa retreat. You’ll also find a variety of places to eat out, a fantastic range of shops and plenty of accommodation from comfortable B&Bs to luxurious hotels. Our guide will make sure you don’t miss any of the best bits…

Walk where Romans walked

The Roman Baths is a good place to start your visit and provides a fantastic introduction to the city. Around Britain’s only hot spring, the Romans built a magnificent temple and bathing complex that still flows with natural hot water. Walk where Romans walked, explore Roman artefacts and see the original Great Bath where you’ll get a true sense of the ancients.

Unique architecture

One of the reasons Bath is a World Heritage Site is because of its incredible architecture. The Royal Crescent, Circus and Pulteney Bridge are three of the city’s iconic sights and a must-see for any visitor. But with 5,000 listed buildings, head in any direction and you’re sure to discover remarkable buildings, picturesque parades and cobbled back streets.

Learn from those in the know

The city is best explored with a knowledgeable guide and free walking tours are available daily with the Mayor of Bath’s Honorary Guides. If you prefer to sit back and take it easy, join the City Sightseeing Bus Tour for a relaxing way to reach all the highlights.

Take a dip

One of Bath’s highlights has to be the Thermae Bath Spa. Using the warm, mineral-rich waters which the Celts and Romans enjoyed over 2,000 years ago, Thermae Bath Spa is Britain’s original and only natural thermal Spa. Don’t miss the Spa’s roof-top pool where you can relax in the steaming waters whilst enjoying the wonderful surroundings of Bath’s golden cityscape and countryside beyond.

Time for tea

Bath is the perfect place to enjoy a quintessential British afternoon tea. Head to the elegant 18th Century Pump Room – part of the Roman Baths complex – where the city’s hot Spa water is still drawn for drinking, or visit Sally Lunn’s – the oldest house in Bath (c.1482) – serving the most famous local delicacy; the Original Sally Lunn Bun.

What’s on

Yet Bath is not buried in the past! A lively, year-round calendar of festivals, theatre and vibrant street entertainment bring life and excitement to this beautiful city. Join in the festivities of the Queen’s Jubilee on 5th June at Royal Victoria Park where a free ‘Picnic in the Park’ event will be held, or take part in Bike Bath, a brand new event that is sure to appeal to cycling enthusiasts, with organised rides, fun activities and top-level racing in Royal Victoria Park. If fashion is your thing, join the third Bath in Fashion event which is gearing up for an action packed week of fashion shows, talks and workshops that will appeal to fashionistas young and old.