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Top 5 Tips for Happy Hips

The hips are one of the most important parts of the human body.

From walking and running, to dancing and simply getting out of a chair, hips play a crucial role in helping to keep mobile. To ensure that hips are kept healthy, natural supplement, Litozin+, which is clinically proven to help with joint pain and mobility problems, has put together its top five tips for happy hips.

1. Keep active

Healthy hips need strong hip abductors, which are muscles that help with movement and flexibility. Exercise is the best way to keep them in top condition, whether that's getting out and about more with daily walks, or joining a local dance class and swaying hips to healthiness.

2. Eat well

Omega 3 and 6 are essential for lubrication, so include plenty of oily fish, seeds and nuts in a diet. Also important for healthy bones is magnesium and calcium, which are found in green leafy vegetables and dairy products.

3. Watch your weight

It stands to reason that more weight increases the stress and strain across the hips during any activity. Maintaining a healthy weight is critical to hip health.

4. Take Supplements

Taking a daily dose of a natural supplement, such as Litozin+, can really help with joint pain and mobility problems. Litozin+ is backed by clinical studies and is derived from rosehip berries, which are proven to help with maintaining healthy joints. Only three capsules, or one drink sachet a day are needed for benefits to be seen.

5. Have fun

As people age it can become difficult to focus on the lighter side of life, especially if there is an element of hip pain, but enjoying activities, coupled with the right kind of natural supplements, can really help to keep hips healthy.

Michael Robinson, Managing Director of UK Distributor for Litozin+, commented:

€œAs we age it becomes increasingly important to look after our joints in order to maintain our mobility, independence and quality of life. Eating the right foods and taking exercise are obviously essential, but we can all do with a bit of extra help. Litozin+, backed by clinical studies, can offer a real solution for helping to keep joints pain free and in peak condition.€

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