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Editors' Blog

Posted by Cass - 28 September 2012

What is your experience of the NHS? Share your views now and you can make a difference.

We all share our experiences with friends and family but why not reach a wider audience. This would help the NHS improve in ways that help the people who use its services.

We all know that a leaner and perhaps meaner NHS is on the cards, so why not tell the powers that be what you want and how you have found the service so far.

The site is looking for your experiences to help it shape the way things will go in the future. It is easy to add your story to the many that have been collected so far and it is fascinating to read other people's views.

Whether your feedback is good or bad they want to hear from you, so now is your opportunity to give voice and perhaps make a difference.

I personally have always had good experiences with the NHS but I must say that I been lucky with my GPs and have been seen quickly and efficiently in my local hospital when required but I know that others have not fared as well.


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