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Posted by Cass - 11 December 2012

What happens if you find yourself a single father of triplets!

The Mail on Sunday calls it 'the most heart warming story you'll ever read'.

Your first child will change your life. But what if you have three at the same time! Eleven years ago, Ian Mucklejohn had triplet sons as a single father and was outnumbered three to one from the very beginning.

 Ian had to do it all by himself: juggle, organise, cook, keep sane, stay calm, and handle every obstacle. There was always one hand short, one child who felt left out or needed an extra hug. Ian has gathered the best stories of his sons over the years: the hilarious moments, the fights and crocodile tears, the tough questions to which there is no right answer.

You may well recognise yourself just multiply by three and deduct one parent!

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