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Editors' Blog

Posted by Cass - 24 September 2012

Time for the Consultation on dealing with my food intolerances.

I have now had the consultation with the nutritional therapist which all forms part of the package.

This proved really useful as she was able to guide me on foods to take the place of the ones that I need to eliminate from my diet.

As I loved yoghurt she suggested soya yoghurt in place of the cow's milk ones I have eaten for many years.  She also advised on using Pure, a spread, in place of butter.  

Unfortunately she was unable to give me a good alternative to cheese.  So that will be the sacrifice.

I have really loved the rice milk that she mentioned.  I do not like soya milk, but there is oat and almond milk which are acceptable. I have also found a lacto free cream alternative which works well in place of cream in cooking. 

Unlike stomach problems she informed me that I would probably not feel any results until three months have passed, so roll on Christmas!

Eggs are relatively easy to give up but I have to watch products that include them in the ingredients.

She also told me that I might feel a little under the weather due to my body readjusting to my new diet.  This has been the case but it was a case of feeling a little under the weather for a day or two and then I got back to normal.

I also had very strange and vivid dreams.  Not sure whether that is part of the programme.


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