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Editors' Blog

Posted by Gerry - 26 November 2010

There's a definite art to being Giddy

GiddyLimits' new look

What do you think? I'm almost afraid to ask because we've put so much love and devotion, and months of hard work, into getting the new site together.

We had so much fantastic feedback about the old site that it was a hard act to follow. But it was time for GiddyLimits to be revamped with a new contemporary style that represents the growing masses of amazing men and women over 50.

To me there's an expectant mood about this generation. Baby boomers in particular are confusing the media. Everyone else just doesn't get us. They don't understand who we are. Unless they've been part of our journey right from the start how can they?

So that's why we're here.

A huge thank you to my fellow editor Cass, to the Obi Media team and most of all our sponsors who have spun threads of magic to make this possible.

Cass, I think it's time to crack open some bubbly!

Posted by foodanddrink - Sunday 5th December 2010 11:34

Have perused the Winter issue. The new site is wonderful, very easy to negotiate. The contents, as always, varied, interesting and bang on for our age group. Congratulations to both of you, well done.

Posted by Yukimi - Friday 3rd December 2010 08:24

What a fantastic new look - still haven\'t looked at everything, but it is stunning - many congrats to Gerry, Cass, and all at Giddy Limits!


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