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Posted by Cass - 25 October 2014

Is Vitamin D the Natural Cure We are Waiting For?

Most people over 50 in the northern climes are short of vitamin D due to the fact that we do not have enough clear sunlight.

Another reason is that we have been scared into covering up in the sun and wearing high factor sun screens.  Nobody wanted to get skin cancer. This has caused us all to develop a shortage of this essential vitamin.

Use the sun, right supplements and diet to change your life.

Research is showing that a lack of this vitamin can have a profound effect of the body with regard to such common diseases as Alzheimer's, diabetes, depression, arthritis, weight gain and also cancer.

Vitamin D can't be stored in the body.  It can only come from exposure to sunlight and from a good healthy diet rich in fresh vegetables and fruit. We need to look at increasing our supply of vitamin D and we can look to supplements and also to changing our diets to avoid too much salt, cheese and grains.

I personally have had three brushes with the dreaded 'Big C' and want to look at natural ways of stopping the onslaught of another bout. My consultant has now agreed to my being tested to see what my level of vitamin D is.  It should be between 50 and 70.  It will be interesting to see what mine is now.  He agrees that research is coming into the mainstream linking breast cancer with this particular lack in our bodies. So I can't wait to find out.

I have now changed my diet to exclude a excess of salt, dairy and cereals and also am taking supplements.  Use the sun, right supplements and diet to change your life.

I will keep you updated on my progress but recommend that you find out more about this simple remedy and read The Vitamin D Cure by James E. Down, MD and Diane Stafford.


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