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Posted by Cass - 20 September 2012

The Results Are In! - How Could I Get it More Wrong!

I do have a food intolerance and now I have to change my way of eating.

Cows' milk, eggs and cherries have been identified as the culprits and now it is down to me to make the necessary changes in my diet.

I can't say that I eat many cherries so that will not be difficult to achieve.

Eggs and cows' milk will certainly cause more hardship.  No more butter, yoghort, cheese or cream.  No more Creme Fraiche or mayonnaise.  Life is looking a little bleak at the moment but I am sure that I can do it!!

I can only hope that as well as making my itchy skin better it will help me to lose weight and keep it off.

All my healthy intentions were directed to the wrong sorts of food so I will be interested to see if this makes a difference.

I will keep you updated, as I now have a telephone consultation with York Testing experts to help me make the changes and stick to the new plan.


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