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Posted by Gerry - 30 August 2013

The Last Days of Summer

by Nicola, GiddyLimits Features Editor

Those of us with children or grandchildren are probably counting down the days to the start of the new school term. Blazers have been given their yearly clean, outgrown items replaced and school shoes shined - all that remains is for the school gates to open and we can let out a collective sigh of relief.

Because as wonderful as it is to have the little angels home for an extended period of time, it is HARD WORK. I think I've actually forgotten what silence sounds like. It is my plans for 'me time' that are keeping me going through these final few days, and preventing me from:

a) falling asleep mid-afternoon, head on the ironing board, from pure exhaustion, or
b) losing my cool completely when the muddy/sandy/wet footprints I mopped up barely two minutes ago reappear when the masses come trudging back through the kitchen in full footwear without a second thought. 

In these situations, I simply count to ten and think about the time I will soon be spending in the garden, draped across a sun-lounger, book in hand (I've started reading You Are the Love of My Life by Susan Richards Shreve and am hooked!) with my darling husband delivering me regular Prosecco and Reese's Butter Cups. Simple pleasures.

The go-getters amongst you, or those who haven't been worn down by the seemingly undiminishing energy reserves of tiny humans, may choose to see out the summer in more energetic fashion - walking in the beautiful UK countryside, breathing in the summer air; heading out on the ocean in a boat, kayak or maybe even on a surfboard; tending the garden in preparation for the next season (almost time for planting those annuals!) etc. etc. 

Whatever you choose to do, make the most of these last days of summer. Sooner than we realise the nights will draw in, the temperatures will drop and it will all be a distant memory. I If you need inspiration, there are a whole heap of ideas in our Fun Things to Do section of the site, along with our ideas for new hobbies for men and women over 50. 


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