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Posted by Cass - 28 April 2012

The Attitude of Gratitude

I have just finished reading a book that I know will change my life €“ €śThe Magic€ť by Rhonda Byrne. (She of €śThe Secret€ť fame)

This book sets out a 28 day programme to help you look for things to be grateful for and I have decided to try it out and share my experiences with GiddyLimits.

The start of something

Day 1 €“ asks you to write down ten things you are grateful for. They can be big things and small things that make a difference to your particular life. It will be different for each of you but here are mine:

1. My health without which I cannot do anything. It is a gift and I should appreciate it and express gratitude for it at all times €“ not just when I am sick.

2. My friends without whom my life would be sterile and boring. They make life worthwhile and support me when things are down.

3. My brain which enables me to think and be creative with my life.

4. My imagination which allows me to develop and enjoy the little things in life.

5. My sight which allows me to look out over my city and see the weather patterns approaching. This view gives me joy and I never tire of it.

6. My work with children that is a never ending joy and makes me smile on so many occasions.

7. The laughter and smiles of the children which fill my heart with happiness and hope for the future.

8. The sound of birds very early in the morning before the traffic on the main road outside my flat makes it impossible to hear them.

9. The telephone that connects me to my friends who are always there for a chat.

10. My computer which keeps me in touch with the world and all the things in it which I can access at will.

I then have to read each of them over and express gratitude for them. What could be easier and it sure makes you aware of the blessings that are all around you.

Try it and see how you feel €“ I feel so much lighter and happier. So good luck!

Make sure you look out for tomorrow's instalment.

Buy the book by Rhonda Byrne now and follow it with me:

The Magic


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