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Posted by Cass - 04 September 2012

Take Part in the British Pension Survey!

Call for retirees to help take "much-needed shapshot of Britain's Pension landscape.

Retirees and those nearing retirement, plus people who are currently in employment, are being urged to take part in The British Pension Survey, a landmark, confidential study to discover the truth about Britons' relationship with their pensions.

Organisers say that since the definitive online survey was launched at the end of June, some worrying results have arisen.
"Even in the short time The British Pension Survey has been running, there have already been some deeply concerning trends appearing,€ confirms spokesperson, Michael Smith.

€œOne of the major areas of concern is regarding what people think they will need to have in their pension pots to live a comparable lifestyle in retirement and what is the reality of the situation.

€œBut that is the point of the survey €“ to gain the first accurate insight into the pensions landscape in contemporary Britain so we can start a much-needed public conversation about what we can do to tackle the pensions crisis and reverse the fact that UK pensions are amongst the worst in the developed world.€
He adds: €œWe're urging as many people as possible to take the five-minute survey because the more people that do, the more accurate the results will be.

€œThe findings, which will be in the public domain, will help enable economic and political policymakers, financial institutions, lobby groups and individuals take positive action and make informed decisions.


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