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Editors' Blog

Posted by Cass - 04 July 2012

Children Say the Funniest Things!

and the kids that I work with are no exception.

Only five years old but full of wisdom -  that was Ben when I told him to stop talking and get on with his work. 

His immediate response was: "You're just like my Mum"

Upon enquiring why he said this, he answered brightly: "My Mum says that if I do not stop talking I will run out of words before I die."

I laughed at this remark and told him that she was quite right.  But then he drew nearer and whispered that he knew just what to do to get over the problem informing me: "I speak my words into a bottle, then put my thumb over the top and swallow the words so that I can use them again."

Problem solved!

Posted by Rosie - Thursday 5th July 2012 16:31

What a wonderful story! Thanks for all your inspiring posts.


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