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Editors' Blog

Posted by Cass - 10 October 2012

My food intolerance has made me try new foods and they are delicious.

Here are some of the new finds I have made

Almond milk is a must.  Great as a cold drink straight from the fridge.  It has a delicate taste of almonds and is easy to digest and totally dairy free.  See for more information.

Rice milk has been another great find and I use this for porridge now that the cold days have arrived.  It is also useful for making white sauces and thinning down soups. Get your voucher for 50p off from

I also love the new flavours of soya yoghurt. They are really scrummy and I do not miss my usual yoghurt fix.

I am pleased to say that I feel more energetic after cutting out cow's milk and the weight loss is continuing.  It is going off the places I want to lose it from and not from my face.

I will certainly continue with this new diet and hopefully after six months I will be able to go back to having just a little cheese; which is the only thing I really miss.


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