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Posted by Cass - 26 January 2013

Marketing and Promoting my new book - Oh My Giddy Aunt! - A Relative Problem

I have now entered a really exciting period of new experiences.

Writing your first book is only half the job.  After publication comes a whole new world of selling it.  Not as easy as it sounds. 

I have been involved in a whirl of live radio interviews going out over the whole country.  This has been nerve wracking and also very stimulating.

I love new experiences and this certainly has been a first for me. The phone rings and you are then faced with going live on air to answer questions.  As you never know what they are going to ask, this can give you a real fit of the butterflies.

However, all the interviewers have been great and asked all the right questions.

If you want to listen to one go to:

and click on the link. 

I found out afterwards that the interview was conducted by two university students on release to the studio.  I am not sure who was the most nervous.

I also have more lined up and looking forward to them now as I know what to expect.

Listen out in your area - you never know you might just hear me live on air.


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