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Posted by Cass - 20 December 2010

Look Out for Your Neighbours!

Communities should be on high alert for the vulnerable and elderly this winter

In the following video we show you how you can ensure your neighbours do not suffer during the cold months

Communities across Britain are being urged to help their local community as the cold weather bites.

By the end of last year it was estimated that 4.6 million households were struggling to pay their heating bills, with over a third of fuel poor households in England being single people over the age of 60.

However fuel poverty is not just restricted to the elderly. It can affect any household and carries with it potentially dangerous health risks.

Around a quarter of single person households under the age of 60 are also living in poverty and as the weather gets colder, EDF are urging communities, with their Safe Warm and Well programme, to look out for those at risk in their neighbourhood.

So what can you do to help make sure the elderly and vulnerable do not suffer throughout the long cold winter months?

In the following video, Ian Scott from WRVS, a charity helping older people, offers practical and useful advice on how you can help prepare their homes for winter. Even if the home is not modern and fuel efficient, there are things you can do to help keep your neighbours safe, warm and well this winter.

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