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Posted by Gerry - 12 January 2011

Know your onions

I've just read our latest Mind & Body article "How an onion a day keeps the doctor away" only to discover that the humble onion has eye-wateringly high levels of anti-oxidants, in fact it's a truly top 'health food'.

According to author, broadcaster and health journalist Ian Marber (founder of The Food Doctor) "The term superfoods tends to be applied to nearly everything these days, but the humble onion does offer far more benefits than most vegetables owing to its potent antioxidant and probiotic effects."

Take a look at the full article >

Getting started on some new onion-inclusive recipes

So I've made a late New Year Resolution to buy more onions (British of course) and try out our latest recipes:

Falafel in Pitta with Cucumber Salad >  
Lentil Dahl with Spiced Onions >  
Ratatouille with Pitta Bread and Cumin Spiced Yoghurt >  
Cheese and Onion Puff Pie Recipe >
(but being a veggie I'll miss out the ham)


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