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Editors' Blog

Posted by Cass - 14 November 2012

It's Global Sharing Day! Check out and find out how to help your local neighbourhood?

A special day for sharing with friends and neighbours and is a fantastic platform.

Spend less, waste less, have more

Within your local community there's a wealth of knowledge, skills and belongings. From jump leads, tents and juicers, to knitting, piano or IT skills, everyone has something to offer.
Sharing enables you to experience and access much more, and can help save money, space and resources. It's also a great way to get to know some friendly local faces.

That's why we've made it easier to share with Streetlifers. Find out more on our blog, and add something to help out your neighbours here.

Help us build a caring, sharing community

Over the past few months, tens of thousands of people have discovered Streetlife, and together you're using it for good.
From returning lost cats and keys to their owners, donating belongings to help neighbours out, to sharing recommendations, news and events, Streetlifers are making a positive difference.

The more people who join in, the more useful it becomes. So please share Streetlife with everyone you know, and help make it a neighbourly Global Sharing Day.

Find out about Streetlife and join one in your area:

Posted by chrisbell - Thursday 15th November 2012 16:56

Next time, do it yourself!

Posted by chrisbell - Thursday 15th November 2012 16:55

Hi Cass, well that was a nifty bit of spamming, but I\'m disappointed that you piggy backed on my list.


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