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Editors' Blog

Posted by Cass - 01 October 2012

I really miss Cheese!! I even dream about cheese every night.

Why did my food intolerance have to include milk and why is cheese made from milk and that includes cow, goat or sheep milk?

I have now completed three weeks of the new diet without any dairy products.  I have not really missed cows' milk as I have changed to rice milk and love this for my porridge, cereal and cooking.  I do not even miss butter much, as I find the Pure spread made with sunflower oil perfectly acceptable.

Eggs have not been part of my diet and somehow, an intolerance of cherries at this time of the year does not cause a problem.  The sheer price of them has made it something that I can easily leave out of my shopping basket.

But cheese - well that is different.  The dietician told me that there was no real alternative to offer and I really miss parmesan on my pasta and in my rissottos.   I miss blue cheeses in my salads and cheese sauce on my cauliflower. In fact I just miss cheese.

I must say that I feel really well and full of energy and have lost another couple of pounds, so it is all worth it. 

If only someone out there would invent a cheese that does not include any type of milk I would be a happy bunny.

For the time being I will have to just eat it in my dreams and hope that it does not have the same effect.


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