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Editors' Blog

Posted by Cass - 21 May 2014

Hooray My Hair is Back!

It might have turned white and become curly but it is better than no hair at all. One side has grown into waves like the 1920 flappers.

Six months on and I am buying hair products again but what to use on my new crop?  It is baby soft and quite fine but at least I have hair to moan about.

What Shampoo to Use?

I checked out on the web and the recommended product was Alpercin Caffeine Shampoo.  So I am giving it a try.

Conditioner before Shampoo!!

Another completely wacky idea comes from the Daily Mail - slather on the conditioner before shampooing. Sounds really counter intuitive but I am giving it a try and it seems to be working. Check  it out

Head Massage

I am gently massaging my scalp everyday to promote hair growth and it seems thicker but be gentle. I tried Grow Gorgeous from Boots and applied it twice a day as directed on the bottle.

Hair Cut

Had my first hair cut for ten months.  My hairdresser trimmed it into shape.  Great to be back gossiping again.

Check with Your Consultant

Always check with your own consultant before following this advice.  It worked for me but I checked things out before I went ahead. Make sure you do the same.


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