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Posted by Cass - 29 November 2012

GREAT TIP FOR NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS - New Website Empowers Home Owners

Do you know how to re-wire a plug, prepare your radiators for winter, or clean your jewellery properly?

When did you last change your smoke alarm batteries, re-stock your medicine box or oil your stop cock?

Practicalendar (derived from Practical Calendar) teaches people how to do these simple household tasks which can save them hundreds of pounds each year.

They send one simple task by email a week - and it's free. No previous experience is needed and, in fact, many of their subscribers are first time home owners who've previously relied on their parents for help.

By following all of Practicalendar's advice, users can avoid expensive call-out charges from tradesmen. Many jobs tradesman are called to take minutes to fix €“ but customers are left with the minimum charge which can be over £80.

The weekly tips act as a reminder, ensuring you do the jobs you would otherwise forget to do.

It's empowering, economical and fun. Going into the New Year, the founder Charlie Jones is anticipating even higher numbers of sign-ups:

€œIt's astonishing how much desire there is for such a simple service. People want advice which is clear and easy, and are desperate for something which will teach them new things whilst saving them money. We don't pretend to change the world, but you'd be surprised how many people don't know how to do the simplest of jobs in their houses. We're changing that one fuse-box at a time.€

For further information and to sign up for free:


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