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Posted by Cass - 13 June 2011

Get Your Eyes Checked Now!

National Eye Health Week, a nationwide awareness week taking place 13 €“ 19 June

Eye health is crucially important to general health, and particularly important to older people, as sight begins to deteriorate with age.

A sight test is a vital health check that is often over looked and presently in the UK, of the 1.8 million cases of blindness, over 50% would have been avoidable.

The simple test can also pick up serious conditions such as cancer, brain tumours and high blood pressure.

Find Out the Options

Research shows that contact lenses are used widely by older people outside the UK, yet many people here seem unaware of the options available to them. People of all ages can wear contact lenses.

With regular, bifocal, and multifocal lenses available, contact lenses are a great option for people whose sight loss is deteriorating with age.

Yet only 1% of people over 65 who need vision correction choose contact lenses.

Championing the Campaign

CooperVision are champions of this year's campaign, helping us to spread the important message that regular sight tests can really help to improve your vision.

Karl Aberdeen, of Coopervision, says: €œSight tests are valuable health checks as well as vision checks and as you get older they are more and more likely to result in a need for corrective treatment. Yet many people don't like the idea of wearing glasses and simply don't realise that contact lenses are an option for them.

There is no upper age limit for wearing contact lenses and Coopervision produce a range of lenses to help with many vision problems. Don't let a fear of contact lenses put you off getting your sight tested €“ there are so many options for sight correction, you will be able to find one for you.€

Celebrities Behind the Campaign

This exciting campaign has already gathered support from celebrities such as actress Phyllida Law and author Sue Townsend, national retail chains and local organisations around the country.

A sight test could save your sight and save your life.

Find Out More:

Join us to support National Eye Health Week

Find an optician and download voucher on


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