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Posted by Cass - 05 September 2012

EAT TO BEAT THE FAT - Change the Way You Eat in 10 Days and Bust the Fat Forever

In the newly updated eBook version of the much-acclaimed, So What the F*** Should I Eat?, nutritionist and author Fiona Kirk tackles the dieting questions which continue to confuse and frustrate head on giving YOU the BIG honest answers to the BIG fat loss questions and make shedding the pounds for good a reality.

Packed full of crucial knowledge and up to date research, giving readers the power to discriminate between the sense and the nonsense regarding WHAT and HOW to eat to bust fat and feel great, Eat, Live & Lose The Flab confidently puts them firmly in charge of their daily dietary decisions.

Pulling no punches, the eBook cuts through the confusion and straight to the chase by addressing the reasons why global waistlines continue to expand and fast! These include

Can You Really Lose 10lbs in 5 Days?

Is severe calorie restriction for a few days going to mess with your metabolism and result in yo-yo weight gain or is zig-zag dieting the new and healthy route to permanent fat loss?

Can Eating Fat Really Make You Thin?

Do fats and oils help burn fat faster and turn up the metabolic fire? Why have we been told for the last 30 years to bin them or risk heart disease and a host of other degenerative diseases?

Do Stress and Weight Gain Go Hand in Hand?

Are your hormones playing havoc with your ability to bust fat? Why, when we are under pressure does the body choose to store fat rather than burn it and are there ways to trick it into thinking everything is under control?

Are Low Carbohydrate Diets Here to Stay?

Does increasing the protein and fat in our diet and reducing the carbohydrate content make fat loss fast and lasting and why do many health professionals regard this type of diet as a health risk?

Is Sugar to Blame?

Why can we eat a load of pastries, popcorn and pizza and still manage another €˜hit' and yet it is almost impossible to eat any more than one large, juicy steak at one sitting? Why does the appetite switch that tells us we can't eat any more steak not tell us we shouldn't cram in another slice of pizza?

Why Are Food Cravings so Hard to Handle?

Why, when we are on a diet do we crave the very foods we are trying to avoid? Is it a simple case of lack of willpower and discipline or is the hungry brain trying to tell us something? Who is in charge of what, when and how we eat; the brain or the body?

Are You Storing Fat While You Sleep?

Does what you eat have a direct influence on how you sleep and why do those who get their eight hours a night lose weight faster than those who are sleep deprived? Should you count sheep or can you create a nutritional diversion?

Fiona explains;

The original version of Eat, Live & Lose the Flab (So What The F*** Should I Eat?) has become a huge hit with dieters who want to shed fat permanently and appreciate a healthy dose of straight-talking. What has prompted me to update the book is that on the back of the so-called obesity crisis, nutritional research is moving fast and a host of interesting theories are being investigated that may hold the key to reducing waistlines in time. But, what does this mean for dieters? Yet more confusion! My aim is to give readers a clear path to follow by providing honest answers, simple solutions and lots of encouragement.€

Eat, Live & Lose the Flab eBook is available from, priced £7.99.


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