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Editors' Blog

Posted by Gerry - 23 September 2013

Drive on!

Comment from Gordon Morris, Managing Director, Age UK Enterprises talking about today's RAC research on older drivers ...

€śToday's research showing that there are 191 drivers over the age of 100 and 4million licensed drivers over the age of 70 highlights that rising longevity means a greater number of older drivers on the roads.

€śWe know from experience that older drivers are, on the whole, confident and responsible drivers, comparing favourably with other drivers across the country. Our own recent research* showed that 89% over 65s are taking to the roads every day or every other day and are doing so with confidence, with almost two thirds (63%) feeling very confident in their own driving abilities. They also display a range of responsible driving behaviours. Over eight in ten (85%) say they always use their rear-view and wing mirrors in comparison to 74% of all other age groups. Furthermore nearly three quarters (73%) of over 65s always check their blind spot compared to 66% of all other age groups.

€śWe would like to see the insurance industry taking this on board and basing insurance premiums on ability and not on the false assumption that age equals poorer driving. 

€śThere should be no upper age limit on getting car insurance. The industry needs to acknowledge the fact that older drivers use their cars regularly, and responsibly, and should not be forced into giving up driving. Many older drivers are drawing on years of experience behind the wheel and are reliant on their vehicles to maintain their independence. Older drivers should shop around until they find a car insurer that judges the applicant on individual merit, rather than simply on age.€ť


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