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Editors' Blog

Posted by Cass - 08 July 2011

Don't Tell Me Modern Children Have No Imagination!

This term GiddyLimits sponsored a writing competion at Avonmore Primary School and we received lots of great stories.

Trying to Choose a Winner

It will be very difficult to choose a winner from the amazing entries we received from each of the classes within our primary school.

Children Love to Write

They have the imagination to produce a good story with a beginning, middle and ending.  Their characters are well formed and very unusual.

Some of the stories are about things that children worry about i.e. bullying, body image etc.

Some are fantasy stories which take you to different worlds and  make you think about life from their perspective.

Why We Want to Encourage Creativity

Giddylimits is a contemporary magazine that wants all ages to use their creativity and experience to encourage people to live their lives to the full.

Given the right stimulus, everyone can create a story that is important for them.


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