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Posted by Cass - 06 May 2012

Day 9 The Money Magnet

How is it that some people seem to attract money to them like bees to honey and other people seem to struggle to make ends meet?

The more some people have the more they seem to get. I am now learning about the law of attraction.

We have to be more grateful for the money we have and when we get bills to pay we should express gratitude for the services we have received.

Without electricity we would not be able to do so many things TV would not exist, we would not have ipods, computers or washing machines. We would not be able to take hot showers or cook our food.

When our mortgage payments fall due we should remember what this is buying us i.e. a roof over our heads.

I have to write on my bills when I pay them a big THANK YOU in capital letters and be pleased that I have the means to pay them.

Complaining about money, or being jealous of those that have it, will bring me poverty, so I have to change my attitude to money and become a magnet for riches.

I am lucky enough to have the funds to pay my bills and not to have to worry about where the next penny is coming from but have I given thought to this and been really grateful for it.

I am nearing the 100 good things in my life that I am grateful for and am still amazed how many little things make life worthwhile. It is not difficult to think of ten each day if you are grateful for your hearing to be able to listen to a bird singing above the sound of the city traffic. Now I stop and listen to this and find that a smile is easy and I feel more cheerful for this free gift.

My Magic Rock thought is: I went for an organised walk, which is provided free by my council, and met some really interesting people. We finished up in a local pub in my area where free tea and coffee was provided and we sat down in a group and shared great conversation for over an hour. We started out as total strangers but ended up feeling that we knew one another just a little bit more.

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