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Posted by Cass - 04 May 2012

Day 7 - The Magical Way Out of Negativity.

There seems to be negativity all around us. Looking at the TV, reading magazines and newspapers, glancing at bill boards negativity all the way, so this should be a really good exercise for us all.

I had to take a negative situation in my life and think of ten good things that could come out of it.

If it was not having a job, then I would have free time to do jobs around the house, meet up with friends or spend more time with my family.

My life seems to be going really well at the moment so I needed to concentrate on negative thoughts and how to stop them and turn it around to positive things.

A particular relationship with a friend had met a sticky patch so I decided to do some work on this. Thinking of all the good times we had spent together. Accepting that I was not her keeper and that she was an adult and could make decisions about her own health. Leaving aside the anger I felt because she didn't want to do what I thought she should do i.e. seek help for her pain relief.

We often want to change friends and family and it is important to accept they may have different ideas on how they want to run their lives. Relationships change and often for the better if we just give them a chance.

I wrote down ten things that I really loved about that person and gave thanks for those. I realised that there were so many things that were great about our relationship and that I was obsessing on the one thing that I did not agree with. Crazy really but this exercise helped me see it in a new light.

Next, I had to go through one day without thinking anything negative about anyone or anything and when I noticed that I was thinking negative thoughts I had to add something that I was grateful for to the thought. A difficult ask, but I gave it a go.

The film Walt Disney film - Pollyanna introduced us to The Glad Game. After I saw the film as a child I made up my own game in which I had to "wiggle my nose" to make good things happen and believe it or not, they so often did. It is still a joke among my friends and they often ask me to "wiggle my nose" to find a taxi or make the sun shine. It is surprising how often the taxi comes or the sun peeps through.

I did not know about the law of attraction at that time but I was so pleased when it worked. Now I am beginning to see that it is up to me to make things happen in my life by being grateful for what I have and what I want more of.

One week of my attitude of gratitude list is over and the things are mounting up. Again it is interesting that there are so many little things which, when noticed, make the day enjoyable and then I find that the grey skies are of no importance.

I held my Magic Rock and gave thanks: Today I had heard that another article of mine had been published in RV Life in US and I was getting paid for it.

What magic doing something I enjoy and getting paid for it. What could be better!

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The Magic by Rhonda Bryne


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