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Posted by Cass - 03 May 2012

Day 6 Works Like Magic

We all moan about our jobs from time to time but to achieve greater success this has to change.

Being grateful just for having a job is a good starting point. So many people are unemployed so having a job is a real bonus.

I have been lucky and have always enjoyed my jobs which have been varied and received fair recompense for my labours.

Today I had to think of all the good things about my job and give thanks for each and every one of them - just as if an invisible person was making a note of each time I was glad. The more points I got, the more success I would have in the future.

I had to think of the labour saving devices that were available for me to do my job. I thought back to the days of the manual typewriter now replaced by the computer that made me grateful for the ease of correcting mistakes etc. The photocopier had done away with the inky wax stencils that were needed to make a number of copies of a document. The telex system was overtaken by the email system. Life in the office now is so much easier.

The same applies to all jobs, whether you are a chef, a garage mechanic, a lawyer or a doctor modern science has improved the working conditions of all people.

I had to remember how many friends I had acquired through my working life and how grateful I was to have them in my life. I still have some from my first job many years ago.

I would gain success in my endeavours only if I was grateful for my salary at the end of the month. Without it I would not be able to pay my bills or buy the small luxuries that make life so worthwhile.

60 things to be grateful are now on my list and this is set to rise to 280, if I keep up the 28 day programme. I realised that at first I wrote quite formulaic things as per the book but now it is the little things in life that make them exciting and magical. Throughout the day I notice things and immediately think they must go on my list.

I do not have to purchase things to see the influence of this magic experience, so many of the things are free.

I held my Magic Rock and this is today's special thing for me: Walking to school in the sunshine this morning, I saw the bright flash of a jay flying across my path up into a tree full of pink blossom. I looked up through the branches to the bright blue sky. What a treat to start the day.

Buy The Magic by Rhonda Bryne and join me on this magical journey.


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