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Posted by Cass - 02 May 2012

Day 5 Magic Money

I loved saving when I was a kid so perhaps this put me on the right path from the start.

It all began at school where we were encouraged to buy penny stamps each week and then exchange six of those for a sixpenny stamp and five of those for a half crown stamp and so on. This was a savings scheme run by the school and perhaps it should be brought back to help youngsters appeciate saving and the meaning of money.

As I got older I joined the pension scheme and invested money in stocks when they became available for the general public. The first being British Gas.

I am now reaping the benefits of my love of money and what it does for me, so I was interested in this phase.

According to the book, if you are lacking in money it is because you don't appreciate what you have and are thinking about the lack of it.  You have to change your attitude and give gratitude for what you have and not obsess about  what you lack.

Never be jealous of other people who have more than you but be grateful for them.

I had to think back to my childhood when money was not my problem and appreciate all the things that I got without knowing where they came from i.e. food on the table, living in a warm and comfortable house, having school books and uniform. I had to remember the holidays I had taken as a child and the gifts that I received at Christmas and birthdays. All these things cost money but I did not have to worry about them and they just appeared.

Today I also had to take a 5 note and write the words THANK YOU FOR ALL THE MONEY I HAVE BEEN GIVEN THROUGHOUT MY LIFE on a post-it note, attach it to the money. Then I had to look at those words and really think about them and give thanks. I had to carry the note around in my purse and get it out and look at it two or three times throughout the day.

Money coming to you could be in the form of a win, a discount, a special offer, a gift or just your salary. All these things you should be grateful for.

Another ten things were added to my Gratitude List. I must say that this practice certainly makes you look out for the special things that make a difference to the day.

Then taking the Magic Rock I chose this special thing to be grateful for:

Today one of my children was creating a Music Book and each day he had to come up with a song. This morning he insisted on singing it for me with all the actions. This Little Light of Mine sung by a five year old, dancing along the corridor, definitely cheered my heart.

I have to report that I feel filled with energy and this morning I was ready to face the world with joy. Unfortunately it was 4.30 a.m. so I turned over and had a lie in.

To read the full story behind these exercises

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