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Posted by Cass - 01 May 2012

Day 4 Magical Health

Having had fantastic health all my life I felt really blessed, so imagine my surprise when I was diagnosed with cancer on two occasions.

Luckily for me both were discovered really early and, after treatment, I made a complete recovery but this made me aware of how important health is. I also believe that having a really positive attitude helped me recover quickly and completely so Day 4 was important for me personally. It made me aware of having gratitude for health. You need to appreciate it and realise that without it you cannot do anything. All the riches in the world are not worth anything without your health so I approached this exercise with enthusiasm.

The exercise entailed thinking of each part of my body and why it is important and giving thanks for it. I thought about my legs and feet and what they do for me as they allow me to go about my daily tasks.

I went on to my arms and legs; then my lungs and the air I breathe, followed by my internal organs that work away without me giving them any thought. This exercise made me think about them all.

Then my brain and all the fantastic things it allowed me to do which included my senses, i.e. sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell etc.

Last but not least, I thought about my heart and the fact that it goes on beating and sending blood around the whole body which is the stuff of life.

What a fantastic thing the human body is and so much of my body works without my giving it any thought at all.

I had to write on a card: THE GIFT OF HEALTH IS KEEPING ME ALIVE and look at it on several occasions and think just how lucky I am.

I added ten more things to be grateful for to my list and used my Magic Rock to think of the thing that had happened to me.

It was very small but again important to me:
After three grey and rainy days, suddenly the sun came out and the sky turned a deep shade of blue and it gladdened my heart just to see it.

So be grateful for your health every day.

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The Magic


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