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Posted by Cass - 30 April 2012

Day 3 Magic Relationships

Today I needed to find three photographs of people that meant a lot to me.

Then I had to write down five things about each person that I really loved and then be really grateful for having them in my life.

This made me think how lucky I am to have such great friends that mean so much to me. How they were always there for me and were such an important part of my life.

If they were sick I needed to think of them well and whole again. If they were stressed I needed to remember them before they were stressed. If they suffered from depression I had to think of the times when this was not a problem for them.

If there were problems in my relationship I need to see them in the past and remember that person when the relationship was good.

I added ten more good things that I was grateful for to my list. Now I have thirty things I had thought about in a positive way.

Before I went to sleep I thought of the best thing that had happened.

Here is my best thing for Day 3: I had a wonderful idea for a new story that will become part of a book that I am going to get published.

I slept well and woke with a new energy for the day ahead. This idea could really catch on where I am concerned it is grey and rainy outside but I feel bright and sunshiney!!

Buy the book by Rhonda Byrne now to find out the full story and follow it with me:

The Magic


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