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Posted by Cass - 29 April 2012

Day 2 A Magic Rock

Yesterday I had to find a magic rock. This could come from the garden or a park; it could be a stone that you had in the house already or you could buy a beautiful stone from a rock shop.

I already had a small brown stone which had been sent to me by a friend after she read The Secret.

All I had to do was, pick the stone up just before I went to bed and think of the many good things that have happened during the day and choose one that stands out from the rest and feel gratitude.

It can be big or small but must be something that is special for you and stood out from all the other good things.

Here is my special thing for Day 2: I heard from a friend that I had not spoken to for a long time and we spent twenty minutes catching up and exchanging news. This was special and meant a lot to me as she was the person that sent me the stone.

Was this a co-incidence? I know that it made me feel really happy.

Then I added ten more things to your list that I was grateful for. I will not bore you with my ten things but I have certainly added them.

I am beginning to enjoy this whole process already.

Buy the book by Rhonda Byrne now to find out the full story and follow it with me:

The Magic


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