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Editors' Blog

Posted by Cass - 24 May 2012

Day 28 Remember the Magic

Today is unique, it will never be repeated. We should make it special and do something that will make a difference.

By remembering the things I am grateful for shows me that it really is the little things that make my life more fulfilling.  If we are not careful we are too busy rushing around and we miss these special moments. By remembering them we can relive the small pleasures and get a double benefit from them.

Looking back over these last four weeks where I have followed each daily exercise I have benefitted from each day's thought and it has certainly made me feel more upbeat as I listed them on my computer.

I have learned new ways of coping with the day to day stress of life and now look at problems I had blamed on others and I have owned them and changed my perceptions and consequently changed my mood. This has had beneficial results over many parts of my existence. I have learned to analyse my annoyance and make is magically go away. These are all skills that I will carry with me and I know that I will continue with being thankful for my blessings.

On my list of things to be grateful for I have so many small events that gave me pleasure. I have completed the 28 day programme and I know for certain that it has improved my outlook on life and, by being more positive, it has changed how I feel both mentally and physically.

I would urge everyone to read The Magic by Rhonda Bryne to get the full picture and try it for themselves and see if your life can be turned around.

My Magic Rock thought: How grateful I am to have come across the book and taken up my own personal challenge of completing each days exercise.

It has certainly changed me and made me fully aware of living in the present and now going down the "what if" or "if only" roads of thought.  I now know I am the only person I can truly change and my being more positive I attract more positive things to me.

Posted by Rosie - Thursday 5th July 2012 16:34

I have really been inspired by this. Thank you.


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