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Posted by Cass - 22 May 2012

Day 26 Magically Transform Mistakes into Blessings

We all make mistakes and that is a fact as well as an essential part of building a new future for ourselves.

If we learn from our mistakes and move on, they can be a springboard to success. If we make the same mistake over and over again and obsess on the difficulties we face, it will mean failure.

Learning new ways to deal with mistakes is an important lesson and today I need to take a past mistake, large or small, which still rankled with me. I then needed to analyse it and find ten good things that could have come out of the error.

Getting a speeding ticket was the example given. If we do not own the fact that we made the decision to speed and when we got caught it was our own fault, we have missed the object lesson contained in it.

We complain about the speed cameras or the policeman with the speed gun or that the camera was somehow concealed but we do not always accept that it was our decision in the first place, to break the law and speed.

This applies to all our mistakes. They were our mistakes and by owning them we can find out how to avoid the same situations in the future.

This seems a good exercise because we so often dwell on our mistakes and make ourselves into victims. By looking at the situation  in a different light we can change the course of our lives in the future by taking a different route in the same circumstance - eg obeying the rules of the road by not speeding.

This applies to so many situations, perhaps we have lost our temper with a friend and the relationship has never been quite the same. We blame the friend for putting us in that position but looking at it from this new angle will often show us our part in the situation.

I now have a list of 260 good things, large and small, that have made a different in my life and made me feel better. They make me feel better just reading through them.

My Magic Rock thought: How lucky I am to live in a city that has so many open green spaces where you can get away from the hubbub of noise and pollution.


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