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Editors' Blog

Posted by Cass - 19 May 2012

Day 23 The Magical Air That Your Breathe

For the past three weeks we have been concentrating on gratitude for a number of different things, money, health and wealth.

Today I needed to concentrate on the bigger picture.

The air that we breathe is sustaining all life and vital for our personal survival. Remembering when I have had a cold or a chest infection made me aware of the importance of this natural resource that we all take for granted if we are not careful.

Today meant being aware of breathing - taking five deep breaths and giving thanks for the ability to take in oxygen. We are so lucky to be able to do this throughout our lives without being aware of the automatic function that takes place in our bodies.

The whole of the natural world is dependent on oxygen and we cannot live for more than a few minutes if we are deprived of it. Without water we can live a few days. Without food we can live a few weeks but without oxygen we will certainly die.

Giving thanks for this wonderful resource is essential and makes you see how you depend on the bigger picture. The universe is set up to sustain us and sometimes we forget how important this fact really is.

Giving thanks for being able to breathe is easy. It can be done anywhere, in a queue, driving your car, waiting at the bus stop or walking down the street. Stop and think about the miracle that is our bodies, it takes in air and converts it to energy that makes our lives so full and exciting.

More and more things have been added to my list and each time I had ten more I think how lucky I am just to be me.

My Magic Rock thought: Meeting a friend I had not seen for sometime fully recovered from an serious operation and now planning to travel to far flung places again.


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