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Editors' Blog

Posted by Cass - 18 May 2012

Day 22 Before Your Very Eyes

Today again reinforces your gratitude for achieving your Top Ten Desires.

By looking at them every day and thinking of small steps to help you get there, you are increasing your pool of thanks and therefore your ability to make them magically appear. Repetition will help you get there.

Carry your list with you and look at it throughout the day and really think about how you will feel when you have them in the here and now. Big or small, they will come to you.

Each time you achieve one of your desires cross it out and add a new one. The more you look at the list and imagine your wish has come true, the quicker it will appear. Make your dreams big and bold and use your imagination to create a scenario of holding it in your hands or seeing in with your eyes.

I looked over my list of good things and was quite surprised at the variety and value of the things I enjoyed and was grateful for each day. Some were small like hearing birdsong in a very noisy city and some were larger like getting unexpected good news.

My Magic Rock thought: I was so grateful for getting another good result from the doctor when I attended my six month check up.


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