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Editors' Blog

Posted by Cass - 17 May 2012

Day 21 Magnificent Outcomes

If you want things to turn out well you have to be grateful for the outcome in advance. This is reinforcing all I have learned over the past three weeks.

Just saying "I hope this goes well", or "I am going to need luck for this to happen", are all negative thoughts.

The law of attraction is as absolute as the laws of physics and by expressing gratitude for the good outcome I will know it will come true. This law has been followed by so many of the truly inspirational people of the world.

I kept this thought in mind today when I had to work with a small boy who lacks self confidence and it was great to see him smile when he achieved his goal and managed to read a whole book for me. It may have only had 12 pages in it but for him it was like reading War and Peace.

A second little boy was over the moon when he managed to take some photographs with my camera which he is going to use to make a quiz for his classmates for the end of term.

I saw a good outcome for today's session and it manifested itself into reality.

I had to think of three things that I wanted the outcome to be successful and give thanks in advance and also to give positive thanks for three unexpected things that went my way.

It certainly made for a more enjoyable day and the results were plain to see. I will definitely use this again.

Well over 200 things are now on the list and my level of happiness has increased each day when notice the small things that make a day successful. It is not winning the lottery or getting a new house it is the little things that make the difference.

My Magic Rock thought: The joy on small children's faces when they manage to achieve something that they have been having problems with.


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