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Editors' Blog

Posted by Cass - 15 May 2012

Day 19 Magic Footsteps

Taking 100 steps and saying thank you each time you put your foot to the floor is the Magic Footsteps exercise.

Einstein was said to follow this routine every day of his life and look what he was able to achieve. He always expressed gratitude to those who had gone before him thus enabling him to build on their knowledge.

This was an easy thing for me to do as I live on the 5th floor of a block of flats and walking down the stairs this morning enabled me to say thank you 100 times.

You could say your 100 thank yous walking to the bus, around the house or walking the dog. It takes around 90 seconds and sets you up for a fantastic day full of opportunities to create the sort of day you really want.

I love walking and get my best ideas when I am out and about, so this habit will be simple to continue and I know that it will be something that will become a part of my every daily ritual. I am already reaping the benefits.

190 good things have now been added to my list and it is becoming so much easier to think of things and remembering each of  them in turn, gives me a double bonus.

My Magic Rock thought: I was dreading breaking some news to a friend  that I thought might upset her but she was really pleased for me.

More information on the whole subject in The Magic by Rhonda Bryne


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