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Posted by Cass - 12 May 2012

Day 16 Magic and Miracles in Health

We are meant to feel healthy and energised most of the time and doing this programme has made me eager to get up in the morning and experience a new day with all the possibilities that entails.

Maintaining or restoring health by the power of gratitude rather than resorting to over the counter drugs or visits to the doctor seems very desirable. Your mental state and the effect on your health, seems to be an opinion that is gaining more and more ground in mainstream medicine. Frustration, stress and worry are underlying factors to undermining it and freeing yourself seems to be the key.

I needed to concentrate on good health and reduce those unfortunate habits that give way to negative thoughts. By doing this I can dramatically increase my health and happiness.

I needed to think about my health in the past and from this I deduced how lucky I had been to go through life with so little illness. I reached into my 60s before any health scares came my way. I then realised that stress had probably been the cause of two minor hiccups.

I looked at the present and was really grateful for being restored to full health and vigour. What an achievement and I knew that I now had to continue to give thanks and enjoy the benefits.

The third and last thing I had to think about was the health I wanted to receive in the future. There was no doubt about this good health was my greatest wish. I needed to think about the ideal state of my body and be grateful as though I had already received it. Simple really!

Taking care of my body is paramount because without good health you have nothing. All the money in the world cannot compensate for it. Eating well, sleeping well and having a tranquil mind are all part of my plan for the future. It will also include gratitude and again it is the small things that make our worlds so magical. Forget the negatives and concentrate on the positive aspects of life. There are so many more of these to keep in mind.

My ten good things were put down on paper and thanks were given for them. Life is really made up of tiny magical moments and this practice has made me aware of them and I know this has added to my present increase in energy and creativity.

My Magic Rock thought: My Year One children (5 year olds) put on Jack and the Beanstalk. It was so wonderful seeing two small boys (twins), who had in the past not wanted to take part because of their low self esteem, take a full and active roll. It was so fantastic seeing them blossom. What a privilege it is to be part of that process.

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