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Posted by Cass - 10 May 2012

Day 14 Have a Magical Day

Do you ever wake up in a bad mood and the day then goes from bad to worse?

Well that means that you went to bed with negative thoughts on your mind. By doing the Magic Rock exercise each night you ensure that you go to bed with positive thoughts and happy memories.

Today you have to plan your day in advance and be grateful for how well it went in advance. Say thank you for the fantastic day before it happens and then it will be a perfect day.

Whatever you have planned on the work front or home front could be enjoyed so much more if you go into the day with a positive outlook and gratitude.

For me this worked really well. I had to teach some relatively difficult children and they tried so hard for me and showed just how willing they were to learn. I had envisaged this when I woke and they delivered on the dot. It was a pleasure to teach them and I came out feeling that I had really achieved something.

I also was concerned that I had not heard from my editor for my new book and he told me he would be ready to go to work in two weeks and that he was really looking forward to working on it. Another result for thinking positively about the day I now have a deadline to work to.

Life really seemed to flow today and I got so many things done. I had planned it that way and it really worked for me. The attitude of gratitude is working to my advantage and I am attracting good things. It only took a few minutes but made a significant difference.

I also had to give thanks for the good news I would receive during the day and hey presto! the date from the editor arrived.

When I completed my ten blessings I realised that I am now half was through and looking back over the list I am still amazed at the number of small things that gave me pleasure when I wrote them and still have the power to give me joy now.

My Magic Rock thought: I will be able to achieve getting my book published and that is an exciting prospect. I know it will be hard work but I am on the way and the editor and publisher are enthusiastic.

I have been using The Magic By Rhonda Bryne - why not buy a copy today.


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