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Posted by Cass - 07 May 2012

Day 10 - A Magic Morning

Are you are night owl or a morning lark?

I have changed with the passing of the years and am now a morning lark so today's Magic Morning was just the thing for me.

I love to wake up with a whole new day ahead of me with all its challenges and unexpected joys and now I had to be thankful for the day in advance. I had to give gratitude for the night's sleep not being a good sleeper, I found this more difficult, but persisted with the optimistic hope that tonight would be better. This certainly made me smile.

Before I put my foot to the floor I had to say thank you and then continue with thoughts of gratitude through all the mundane chores of getting ready.

I live on the fifth floor so I had to walk down and say thank you on each step so I would have accumulated over a 100 thank yous before I set off for the day.

I have to say that the colours of the day looked brighter and I looked out for the small things that made my day and would be added to my list of ten good things. It is surprising what you miss if you just trudge to along with your head down and a bad mood upon you.

My 10 good things are becoming easier to find each day as I notice different things as I go about my business and make a mental note to remember them for the list.

My Magic Rock thought: The porter in my block of flats knocked on my door this morning to make sure that I was OK as he had not seen any rubbish left outside for two days. It was such a kind thought and makes me feel safe.

I will certainly continue with this exercise as I feel so much brighter and ready to go. It could be all in my mind but I don't care. I have always believed in the placebo effect and if it works for me it could certainly work for you.

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