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Posted by Cass - 21 February 2011

Books that Make a Difference

What are the books that have changed your lives?

Today sees the start of the programme on BBC2 called "My Life in Books" which asks famous people to discuss their favourite books.

This made me think about my particular favourite and the one that has changed my view of life and my goal for the future.

The "Happiness Prescription" by Deepak Chopra is the one that I would choose as it made me explore the concept of happiness and how it effects our lives.

This book made me take a look at my own life and how I personally view happiness and this has had a positive effect for me.

The media and Government keep going on about teaching happiness and making peoples lives more fulfilling and I wanted to find out what this means.

If we can achieve this goal it could change the lives of people for ever.  We perhaps could get away from the constant chatter about celebrity and wealth as a means to an end.

We seem to be more unhappy though we are more materially rich than ever. Shopping seems to be the therapy that we chose to give us a buzz.  We seem to be dissatisfied with out lot and always seeking a material answer to life's problems.

I have always felt that there should be a simpler answer to this and we should seek a path that will give us contentment and the ability to enjoy what we have.

The old adage of the "grass is always greener" seems to be the way most people view the world today. They want to change everything but are unwilling to look at ourselves as the point of change if we want to make a new life.

Deepak Chopra sets out clear guidelines to create a better life for ourselves and our families. I have read this book many times and it always makes me aware that the only point of change is ourselves.  We are the only thing we can change and we must start at this point. 

I would recommend everyone to read this small book and make a difference.


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