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Editors' Blog

Posted by Cass - 10 September 2012

Awaiting the Results of my Food Intolerance Test!

Let's hope that it does not show up too many foods that I will have to cut out.

Keeping a food diary for the past ten days have been very interesting.  It gives a whole new perspective on what I eat. I have been trying to adhere to the 7 meals a day principle and by that I mean snacks making up the other four.

Breakfast has been fresh fruit salad and yoghort with a mug of Lychee and Black Tea that I brought back from China.

1 Piece of Toast and honey just before leaving for school and a piece of fruit at 11 a.m. (That's three)

Lunch, being the main meal of the day, consists of something like chicken with vegetables covered with a creme fraiche sauce with herbs and a yoghort.

Snack in the afternoon can be a handful of nuts

Supper is a light meal with avocado, tomato and rocket followed by an apple before going to bed.

That makes seven.  It is amazing that I have lost one stone and reached my target weight of 11 stone in six months.  Let's hope that I can keep it off.


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