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Posted by Gerry - 25 June 2013

A continent I'd love to explore - Africa

When we reach 50 we're either well travelled and looking for a new adventure or ready to treat ourselves to a holiday of a lifetime. I've been looking at Africa overland tours because I love the idea of a safari, I'm very interested in photography and Africa is a continent I've yet to explore.

One of the pitfalls of Africa overland tours is the safari vehicles themselves. Personally, I don't want to be cramped on long journeys. Legroom and space is very important. A specialist tour operator, Africa in Focus, has some amazing overland tours and their vehicles are said to be more spacious than other safari tour operators. Their destinations are where most of us would love to experience and because they are small group mobile camping safaris, the prices are reasonable.

They're so named (Africa in Focus) because of their photo safaris. You can learn about photography on the safari, they are well equipped for those of us using digital cameras, needing to store our day's cache of images, and they have an expert guide to offer tips and guidance.

We've highlighted them on GiddyLimits so you can find out more about their Africa overland tours from


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