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Editors' Blog

Posted by Cass - 11 June 2014

70s Social Media? What's it all about.

In the 1970s social media meant a letter or a telephone call; now I'm 70 it has a totally different meaning

I am now having to get my head round something called 'social media marketing'.  Why am I doing it?- to sell more copies of my book, plain and simple.

I never wanted to advertise my life style for all the world to read but somehow I think my crazy Aunt Lillian (the subject of the book)  is saying something different.  She is shouting "Go out there and sell yourself girl and get my name in lights"

So  now I have started shouting about  'Oh My Giddy Aunt!' and my friends in the States and Oz tell me that social media marketing is the way forward; ebooks are all the rage in their neck of the woods.  They don't have a local bookshop nearby where you can browse and get a cup of coffee.  They have to buy on line and so I had better get my butt into gear if I want to sell books.

I now have a Facebook and Twitter Page for my book and am gathering followers.

There are so many does and don'ts that I am getting quite giddy myself.  

Well I hope she is pleased with my efforts so far and enjoying the way that I am promoting the stories about her eccentric lifestyle and not  cringing in the corner of heaven, trying not to be noticed.

Well, on second thoughts,  I doubt she will be cringing as that was never her style.  She loved to be the centre of gossip in our village and you certainly can't teach an old dog new tricks!

I can almost hear her screaming "Who are you calling old!"  She was always young at heart and hated to be thought of as old.

Not sure if I am doing it right or wrong but I will keep you updated on my progress or you could just become one of my followers!!   I sound a bit like Jesus but I can assure you that I am nothing like him.

I am only posting things that make me smile and hopefully my musings may give you pause for thought and lift your spirits.


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