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Posted by Cass - 28 January 2011

66 is the New 40

This is when old age officially starts.

Great News for us all.

According to research commissioned by LV= 66 is now regarded as the turning point into old age and many think it is even later.

Shattering the Old Adage

They used to say that life begins at 40 but things have changed for the better.

The good news for those who are now 60 is that they are happier, more fulfilled and feel more financially secure than their younger counterparts. They also take more holidays and are physically fitter.

The Babyboomer generation is winning out all the time. Rationing helped us not eat too much sugar and fats so we are now reaping the benefits.

Change in Perception

Whilst those in their 50s push the definition up to 71 and sixtysomethings even higher to a whopping 73 - this is somethwhat off set by the fact that people aged 18 or 19 think 44 is officially old.

According to BUPA

New BUPA research shows that 25% of the over 60s work out at least five times a week. When compared with the statistic that only 15% of twentysomethings work out that much.   We are realising that we hold the key to fitness and a better old age.


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